Present Perfect Simple or Continuous Test

1. I'm very hungry. I_________ all day.

a) didn't eat

b) haven't ate

c) haven’t eaten *

d) have been eating

2. Their new kitchen looks fantastic. They _____ completely _____ it.

a) have _____ beenredecorating

b) have _____ redecorated *

c) already _____ redecorated

d) didn't _____ redecorated

3. Our kitchen’s a mess. We____________ any cleaning for weeks.

a) didn't do

b) haven't been doing

c) have done

d) haven't done *

4. I think they are dating. They____________ a lot of each other recently.

a) had seen

b) haven't been seeing

c) have been seeing*

d) have seen

5. We've discovered this great café and we_____________ there a lot.

a) have been going*

b) have gone

c) are going

d) have went

6. How's your Mum? I _____________ her for ages.

a) had seen

b) haven't seen*

c) haven't been seeing

d) didn't see

7. You're covered in paint! What __________ you __________?

a) have _____ done

b) were _____ doing

c) did _____ do

d) have _____ been doing*

8. She’s gone to the doctor's. She ______________ too well lately.

a) hasn't felt

b) hasn't been feeling *

c) has felt

d) doesn't feel

9. Where have you been? I____________ for ages.

a) have waited

b) waited

c) was waiting

d) have been waiting*

10. I have to write an essay. I__________ about half of it so far.

a) have written *

b) have been writing

c) wrote

d) have to write

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